Accelerator release notes

Version 5.5.1

Released date: 2017-10-24


39031 Google shopping startup crashes in accelerator
39048 Google shopping startup crashes in accelerator
39080 Checkout is always showing all delivery methods

Version 5.5.0

Released date: 2017-09-20


38840 Cannot delete person on b2b public site - my pages - persons

Version 5.4.2

Released date: 2017-07-13


37189 For some facets one variant replaces all variant for product in search result (MVC)
38101 Category Man created in B2C during accelerator deployment even if no example products was selected
38118 Wrong url-encoding in filter (MVC)
38216 MailService require that notifications settings exists on default website
38296 Header tracking scripts is rendered in both header and footer
38304 Product page crashes when adding categories as accessories to the product
38333 For some facets one variant replaces all variant for product in search result (WebForms)
38368 Fetch price tag name only once instead of for each tag (MVC)
38369 Fetch price tag name only once instead of for each tag (webform)

Version 5.4.1

Released date: 2017-05-18


37718 Error on checkout though order is created
37807 SiteInfoController throws exception if search result page not is set on the website settings

Version 5.4.0

Released date: 2017-04-10


36752 Clicking on the search button is not forward the user to search result page
36773 Mega menu with static content for a category is breaking the site
36830 Internal links in the editor do not work in the FooterSettings view
36946 Google tag manager should render script in header and body
37047 After search the search term is not set in the search box
37078 Login with user that have thousands of organization cause timeout if cache not contains the organizations
37079 Login with user that have thousands of organization cause timeout if cache not contains the organizations
37091 Session order carrier is incorrect in Klarna checkout after redirecting back
37092 Initial payment info not set - Klarna Checkout V3 if there is only klarna as payment method
37153 Multiple websites on the same domain is not setting current website on cart

Version 5.3.1

Compability release for Litium Released date: 2017-02-13

Version 5.3.0

Released date: 2017-02-09


35855 Settings panel for accelerator to group variants for indexing is case sensitive and not showing correct selected values
35885 Tier prices need inventory item for the variant to not crash
36375 B2B Accelerator puts wrong custumer number in orderhead
36544 Format of fields json converter is changed (contains breaking change)

Version 5.2.2

Compability release for Litium Released date: 2016-12-01

Version 5.2.1

Released date: 2016-11-30


35670 Product filtering is not selecting correct variant
35676 Avoid runtime errors after Litium upgrade (contains breaking change)
35756 Product listing with filter is not trying to find correct variant

Version 5.2.0

Released date: 2016-11-07


35030 Category template has description product group
35134 Slow loading in My pages-> Order history
35164 New accelerator installation got wrong display template on the 'product as variant list' field template
35483 When installing a new accelerator assortment name has only english translation

Version 5.1.0

Released date: 2016-09-26


34389 Faulty ordering in VariantRepeater (contains breaking change)
34414 OrderConfirmation page - Get NullReferenceException when product doesn't have name
34640 Missing tagprefix for accelerator controls in web.config
34661 Sort on "name" is not working in search index
34710 Litium 5 Accelerator script with boolean filters does not work
34722 CategoryRepeater is not persisting current SystemId
34874 Unpublished categories are included in the category dropdown on searchresult
34887 Remove the usage of SetShoppingCart in OrderRowRemoveButtonClick
34888 OrderUtilities.ReduceStockBalance fails due to permissions
34939 Category and product pages is using field 'Description' instead of '_description'
34949 Variant information on product page if base product url is used is not fetched correctly (contains breaking change)
34963 RelatedRepeater linked items is showing only first variant from product even if the whole product is marked as linked (contains breaking change)
34967 Popular products is always displaying variants
34972 Popular products on the product detail page should not contain itself
34975 Add an item into the shopping cart in mini cart currency symbol from default settings on server is used

Version 5.0.0

Released date: 2016-06-29


31688 Accelerator filter will not respect the Searchable flag on search-result page
31692 body-css-class has not correct value when browsing product catalog pages when assortent is connected to the website
31828 SearchResult definition contains extra space in template name
34610 New Accelerator installation is using jQuery 3 instead of jQuery 2