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Litium Partnerday with a special break-out session for developers

This year's partner day is a full update on Litium's product strategy and roadmap as well as a special breakout session for developers.

The breakout session starts at 13:30 and contains five time slots packed with:

  • News on Litium web API possibilities
  • How to implement search by LOOP54 
  • Litium technology stack and deploy
  • How can the Litium developer community contribute to our joint success
  • Litium Accelerator in the future

Be sure to join us for this and much more - inspirational speakers, after work on the terrace and a dinner with "Litium Partner Awards".



Åsa Lundborg Ling
Added   2017-05-12

Releases: Litium 5.4.0 together with Accelerator 5.4.0

Litium 5.4.0 - performance fixes and improvements in the UI. Due to updates of third party libraries there are breaking changes included in this release.

Litium Accelerator 5.4.0 - compatibility with Litium 5.4.0

Litium 5 is distributed through NuGet. Read more on how to install the Litium NuGet-feed.


Åsa Lundborg Ling
Added   2017-04-24
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